Vaccination Requirements in the Global Workplace: What You Need to Know

Vaccination Requirements in the Global Workplace: What You Need to Know

Vaccination Requirements in the Global Workplace: What You Need to Know - Recording (No CLE)
Live Event Date: 11/10/2021
Format Length CLE Eligible
Web Seminar 90 min. No

The COVID-19 pandemic has created many challenges in the practice of immigration law. As attorneys and clients begin the return to physical offices, we are forced to consider vaccination requirements in the global workplace. Countries around the world are implementing varying rules regarding who needs to be vaccinated in order to travel, work, or attend school. Immigration lawyers must constantly adapt to all these changes so that advice given is relevant and current. Join our panel of experts from around the world for this intriguing, relevant, and practical discussion weighing individual rights against business necessity. They will address the latest developments on vaccination requirements in their jurisdictions as it applies to visa applications.

Featured Topics:

  • General Rules for Entry in Specific Jurisdictions
  • Are There Different COVID-Related Requirements Depending on the Work/Immigration Status?
  • Are There Different Rules Depending on the Country (Traffic Light Scenario)?
  • Regulations Regarding Returning to the Office or School in a Specific Jurisdiction: Can They? And If So, Are There Vaccination Requirements?
  • What Practitioners Are Seeing from a Client Perspective: Are Clients Asking Employees to Return to the Office (If They Are Able)?
  • Practitioners Returning to the Office: More or Less Effective?

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David L. Garson (DL), Toronto, ON

Liam Schwartz, AILA DOS Liaison Committee, Tel Aviv, Israel

Bianca L. Nicholls, Cape Town, South Africa

Ben Sheldrick, London, UK

Teri A. Simmons, Atlanta, GA

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