AC22: Flat and Hybrid Fees - Ethically Managing Uncertainty in the Engagement Agreement

AC22: Flat and Hybrid Fees - Ethically Managing Uncertainty in the Engagement Agreement

Release Date: 6/17/2022
Format Length CLE Eligible
MP4 60 min. Yes

We see a lot of “flat fees” that, because of their many exclusions and scope definitions, are potentially mislabeled and might be more accurately deemed “hybrid fees” or “advance fee deposits.” This mislabeling can affect how the fees are handled and get lawyers in trouble. It also can create fee disputes if clients don’t understand the fee arrangement. Panelists will discuss the various types of fees and how to disclose them with clarity. Panelists on this advanced ethics session will discuss Rules of Professional Conduct 1.3 Diligence, 1.4 Communication, 1.5 Fees, and 1.15 Safeguarding Client Property.

  • Developing a Sharper Awareness of Flat and Hybrid Fee Structures
  • Managing Advance Fee Deposits
  • Drafting, Explaining, and Documenting the Fee Agreement to Clients
  • Managing Automatic Credit Card or Bank Draft Payments from Clients
  • Updating Agreements When Complications Arise or Circumstances Change

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