Ending Immigration Detention

Ending Immigration Detention

Release Date: 6/30/2021
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In the early days of the Biden administration, immigration advocates hoped for quick action on detention. Advocates push letters to DHS and ICE calling for immediate releases and an end to the use of immigration detention, but the response from the administration has been mixed thus far. Detention numbers have risen almost 50% under the Biden administration - largely driven by new border arrivals - causing alarm and calls for the administration to correct course. In a recent announcement from the Department of Homeland Security, announcing that it is shutting down two facilities—Irwin County Detention Center and Bristol County jail—many have urged the administration to take steps to close more facilities during its second 100 days. The panelists welcome questions from practitioners, as well as hearing about experiences from attorneys around the country as these issues develop.

Discussion Topics

  • Impact of Advocacy Efforts
  • DHS’s Announcements to Shut Down Detention Facilities
  • What is the Future of the Ongoing Litigation and Legislative Advocacy Aimed at Ending Immigration Detention?

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Patrick Taurel (DL), Washington, DC

Sirine Shebaya, Washington, DC

Azadeh Shahshahani, Legal and Advocacy Director, Project South, Atlanta, GA

Heidi Altman, Legal Director, Capital Area Immigrant Rights (CAIR) Coalition, Washington, DC

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