2022 Prosecutorial Discretion Update Part 1: Immigration Courts

2022 Prosecutorial Discretion Update Part 1: Immigration Courts

2022 Prosecutorial Discretion Update Part 1: Immigration Courts (Live Seminar)
10/06/2022 02:00 EDT - 03:30 EDT
2022 Prosecutorial Discretion Update Part 1: Immigration Courts (Seminar Recording)
Live Event Date: 10/06/2022
Format Length CLE Eligible
Web Seminar 90 min. No

The prosecutorial discretion landscape has undergone tumultuous changes in 2022—from the Doyle Memorandum in April to the June order from a federal district court in Texas vacating the Mayorkas enforcement priorities memorandum, to the Fifth Circuit and U.S. Supreme Court declining to stay the order.

During part one of this two-part seminar series, our panelists will focus on representation of clients in immigration court. They will analyze the current legal challenges to the administration's enforcement priorities and their practical impacts, including how to advocate for prosecutorial discretion in specific circumstances, steps that may be taken in cases that were unilaterally dismissed, and how to manage the representation of clients in this climate.

Featured Topics:

  • Current state of litigation surrounding DHS’s enforcement priorities
  • Advocating for administrative closure as an alternative to dismissal
  • Making the case for other forms of prosecutorial discretion, such as stipulations to relief
  • Responding to unilateral Motions to Dismiss

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Aaron Hall (DL), AILA ICE Liaison Committee Chair, Aurora, CO

Amanda Bethea Keaveny, AILA Board of Governors/EOIR Liaison Committee Chair, Charleston SC

John Gihon, AILA ICE Liaison Committee, Altamonte Springs, FL

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