AILA's Immigration Litigation Toolbox, 6th Ed. (Downloadable)

AILA's Immigration Litigation Toolbox, 6th Ed. (Downloadable)

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Expected Release Date 06/30/19
ISBN 978-1-57370-433-4
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The 6th Edition of AILA's Immigration Litigation Toolbox is designed to guide practitioners through the most common flow of a case from the agency or immigration court level through final appeals and collateral attacks, addressing the numerous administrative and judicial procedures that we as immigration lawyers deal with on a daily basis. This essential resource includes immigration litigation strategies, samples, and practice tips to help you litigate with confidence.

The practical advice and tools included in this resource will help you develop the procedures necessary to build a complete record in the event litigation is necessary.

With the Litigation Toolbox, you'll find sample pleadings, motions, briefs, and other essential documents covering a variety of topics and multiple fora, including:

  • Bond and custody issues
  • Preliminary matters/master hearings, including change of venue, administrative closure, continuances, evidentiary issues, and motions to terminate
  • Merits hearings, including requests for adjustment of status, asylum, cancellation of removal, and voluntary departure
  • Post-decision filings, such as motions to reopen
  • BIA appeals, including interlocutory/bond appeals, direct appeals, and intervening motions
  • Challenges to USCIS and DOL denials
  • Federal court proceedings, including petitions for writs of mandamus and habeas corpus, Administrative Procedure Act litigation, discovery, FOIA litigation, motions for EAJA fees, and more

A resource every immigration attorney should have in his or her arsenal, AILA's Immigration Litigation Toolbox will help you plan a strategic approach for every case and make litigation a welcome part of your everyday practice.

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