AILA's Asylum Primer: A Practical Guide to U.S. Asylum Law and Procedure, 8th Ed.

AILA's Asylum Primer: A Practical Guide to U.S. Asylum Law and Procedure, 8th Ed.

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Expected Release Date 8/30/19
ISBN 978-1-57370-432-8
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The new edition of AILA's Asylum Primer is the comprehensive, practical guide to U.S. asylum law and procedure that has been updated to address all changes since the release of the last edition in 2015.

The new edition includes:

  • Matter of A-B- and Grace v. Whitaker-related updates and practice pointers addressing gang violence and gender-based persecution, particular social groups, nexus, persecution by non-state actors, internal relocation, and discretion;
  • An updated "Hot Topics" chapter addressing case law developments in claims based on gang- and gender-based violence;
  • Updates addressing attorney general certifications and new BIA case law, including: Matter of E-F-H-L-, Matter of Castro Tum, Matter of A-B-, Matter of L-A-B-R-, Matter of S-O-G- & F-O-B-, Matter of M-G-G-and Matter of M-S-, Matter of Negusie, and Matter of L-E-A-, and more;
  • Updates and practice pointers addressing changes in immigration court practice;
  • Updates and practice pointers relating to the Trump administration's proclamations, executive orders, and policy changes, including:
    • family separation and reunification;
    • increased detention of asylum seekers;
    • "Remain in Mexico" and the Migration Protection Protocols;
    • “last in, first out” processing of affirmative asylum claims;
    • the refugee travel ban;
    • the "asylum ban";
    • the border wall;
    • and more.


  • new chapters on seeking asylum protection at the border and representing asylum seekers with removal orders; and
  • a new section on client representation skills and how to meet your clients' burden of proof.

The Asylum Primer is the all-in-one reference that is:

  • a comprehensive, procedural "walk-through" of the entire U.S. asylum process from an asylum-seeker's entry into the country through his or her acquisition of U.S. citizenship;
  • a manual of strategies and practical guidance for creative and zealous advocacy; and
  • a guide to sources of U.S. asylum law and historical development.

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