AILA's Guide to PERM Labor Certification (2019 Ed.)

AILA's Guide to PERM Labor Certification (2019 Ed.)

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Release Date 2/4/19
ISBN 978-1-57370-429-8
Length 469 pages
Format Print
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AILA's Guide to PERM Labor Certification makes learning and succeeding at PERM easier for newer practitioners and for those who need a refresher. This edition provides:

  • Step-by-Step Roadmap to the PERM Process, Including More Than 20 Templates to Use Along the Way;
  • An Item-by-Item Dissection of ETA Form 9089;
  • Updated Guidance on Key Technical PERM Issues;
  • Information on PERM Audits, Appeals, and Revocations;
  • Plus, Digital Add-On: Excel Chart with Summaries of More Than 570 Key BALCA Decisions (2012-2018), Including Relevant Case Analysis Takeaways and Notes, as Applicable, and an Easy-to-Navigate Index of Issues.

  • And More!

To help you maneuver through the rapidly aging PERM program, the Guide serves as a vital resource for your PERM practice.

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