Inadmissible for a B-1? How About an INA §212(d)(3) Waiver?

Inadmissible for a B-1? How About an INA §212(d)(3) Waiver?

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Recording Date 03/27/17
CLE Eligible No
Length 35 min.
Format MP3
SKU POD2017-04

Many business travelers are surprised when they are found inadmissible to the United States and denied a B-1 visa. This can happen due to past visa infractions, overstay in the United States, and other issues. Practitioners are hard-pressed to provide quick solutions to clients to overcome these grounds of inadmissibility. A great tool to fight these grounds is the INA §212(d)(3) waiver. This waiver is not quick or easy to obtain, however, so learn from our experts how to use the §212(d)(3) waiver effectively. Panelists will share practice pointers on how to prepare a waiver application and quicken the process.

Featured Topics

  • Can the Waiver Be Expedited? Is the Consular Officer Required to Accept Them?
  • Past B-1 Violations or Cancelled Visas Resulting in a Denial: Will a §212(d)(3) Waiver Help Overcome This Obstacle?
  • Does a §212(d)(3) Waiver Help Overcome Permanent Grounds of Inadmissibility?
    • Fraud or Criminal Conduct
    • Grounds That Are Limited in Duration, Such as Previous Unlawful Presence

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Beatriz Trillos Ballerini (DL), Houston, TX
Jan M. Pederson, Washington, DC
Charlotte Slocombe, London, UK

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