You’ve Lost at the BIA: Now What?

You’ve Lost at the BIA: Now What?

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Recording Date 05/31/16
CLE Eligible Yes
Length 74 min.
Format MP3
SKU POD2016-06

After losing at the BIA, your client may face imminent removal and must make quick decisions to protect his or her rights. The panelists will share best practices on how to zealously protect your client during this vulnerable time period. The speakers will also discuss ever-changing case law on procedural and substantive issues relating to post-order motions and appeals.

Featured Topics

  • Motion to Reopen (MTR) or Petition for Review?
  • If the MTR Is Denied, Should You Appeal to Federal Court?
  • Voluntary Departure and Petitions for Review
  • Deciding Whether to Appeal: Ethical Considerations
  • Stays of Removal
  • How to Effectively Deal with the Office of Immigration Litigation


Thomas K. Ragland (DL), AILA Federal Court Litigation Section Steering Committee, Washington, DC
Maria E. Andrade, AILA Federal Court Litigation Section Steering Committee, Boise, ID
Stacy Tolchin, Los Angeles, CA

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