Global Migration Section Call (September 2015)-Recording

Global Migration Section Call (September 2015)-Recording

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Recording Date 9/10/15
CLE Eligible No
Length 60 min.
Format MP3
SKU SC2015-09-10-DL
The AILA Global Migration Section hosted a quarterly teleconference on Thursday, September 10th at 10am Eastern: "Performers, Artists and Athletes on the Global Stage"

This panel addresses the unique challenges that face performers, artists and athletes seeking to work in countries around the world. Specifically, the panelists identify common pitfalls encountered when seeking both short term visitor status and work authorization, including:

  • Inherent timing and logistical challenges with frequent travel
  • Necessity of an employing or sponsoring entity in the destination jurisdiction
  • Impact of criminal convictions and prior immigration overstays
  • Absence of a long-term residential address for residence registration
  • Special challenges posed by "informal" performers and social media Panelists discuss solutions and workarounds to these common challenges based on their experience.


  • Laura Concannon Farhang, Vice President, International Corporate and Trade Counsel at Feld Entertainment (Washington DC, USA)
  • Marcel Reurs, Everaert Advocaten (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
  • Philip Trott, Bates Wells Braithwaite (London, UK)
  • H├ęctor Gabriel Celano, Celano & Asociados Abogados (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Moderator: Audrey Lustgarten, Lustgarten Global LLC (Atlanta, USA)

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