Empowerment of Women in Immigration Law

Empowerment of Women in Immigration Law

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Recording Date3/18/15
Length38 min.
In the modern age, women are increasingly given many opportunities in the work force but are also expected to fulfill the traditional role of caretakers. Are raising a family and having a successful career mutually exclusive? Does lack of flexibility in the work place force women to give up one for the other? How can modern women find a balance and how can firms retain female talent in an age where women play multiple roles?

This podcast tackles a very important issue and one that needs to be talked about more. Learn the history of women in the legal profession, issues confronted in the workplace and how women in immigration law can shape a better future.

Faculty for this podcast include members of the 2014-15 AILA National Practice Management Committee, Harlan York (Newark, NJ), Ruby L. Powers (Houston, TX) and Ruth L. McChesney (San Antonio, TX). This podcast includes corresponding article, Women in Immigration Law: Balancing Opportunity and Equality.

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