If you have been a member of AILA (including student membership) at ANY time in the past, please do not apply for membership online. Please contact membership@aila.org.

Welcome to the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) and thank you for considering AILA membership. AILA is the national association of immigration lawyers established to promote justice, advocate for fair and reasonable immigration law and policy, advance the quality of immigration and nationality law and practice, and enhance the professional development of its members.

For more information on AILA membership and the different categories of membership AILA offers, please visit our Join AILA.

Please contact membership@aila.org with any questions you may have.

If You Are a Private Practice Lawyer or a Full-Time Law Professor...

  1. You are eligible for membership if:
    In accordance with AILA Bylaws, any attorney, excepting a person in the employ of the Government of the United States (but for attorneys in the employ of the Federal Public Defenders, or federal court-appointed private counsel) or of the labor department, employment service or like body of any state, territory or subdivision thereof, is eligible to be a Member of this Association if such attorney:
    1. At the time of application is in good standing with, and for three years immediately preceding application has not been suspended or disbarred by, any court, mandatory bar association, administrative agency or other disciplinary authority;
    2. Is licensed to practice law and is a member in good standing of the bar of any state or territory of the United States or the District of Columbia or, on June 14, 2007 was an active, approved Member of the Association and who thereafter has maintained that membership and eligibility for it under these by-laws without interruption; or,
    3. Is employed full-time as a law professor at a law school accredited by the American Bar Association and who is eligible for full membership in the American Bar Association but who is not admitted to practice in any State or the District of Columbia and
    4. If engaged in the practice of law, is so engaged in compliance with the law applicable in every place where the attorney maintains an office for the practice of law.
  2. You are not eligible for membership if:
    1. 1. You are employed by the U.S. federal government, the Department of Labor, Employment Service, or like body.
    2. You are a foreign legal consultant.

If You Are a...

  1. Law Student
    1. Please download the Law Student Membership application.
    2. Email the application with a copy of your school transcripts to membership@aila.org.
  2. Nonprofit Lawyer
    1. Please download both the AILA Membership Application and the Nonprofit Attorney Request Form.
    2. Email the application with a letter from your nonprofit organization employer confirming you meet our employer and salary requirements to membership@aila.org.
  3. Non-U.S. Licensed Lawyer Based Abroad
    1. Attorneys licensed in the country where they reside and practice may apply for International Associate status by downloading the International Associate application.
    2. Email the application with a certificate of good standing from the licensing body of the country where they reside and practice to membership@aila.org.