Upcoming Live Events

Date Title Location
1/26/2021 Preparing for H-1B CAP Season 2021 Web Seminar
1/27/2021 EOIR's New Case Flow Processing - Live Video Roundtable
1/29/2021 Biden Administration Immigration Action Roundtable Series โ€“ January 29 Video Roundtable
2/2/2021 Using Alternative Wage Surveys for PERMs and H-1Bs: Money Matters Strategies Web Seminar
2/3/2021 Q & A with the AILA USCIS Case Assistance Committee (CAC) - Live Video Roundtable
2/4/2021 Navigating Jurisdictional Waters for Arriving Aliens in Uncertain Times Web Seminar
2/5/2021 Biden Administration Immigration Action Roundtable Series โ€“ February 5 Video Roundtable
2/10/2021 Conversation with AILA's USCIS HQ (Benefits Policy) Committee Video Roundtable
2/16/2021 The H-2A Today: What You Must Know to Be Successful Web Seminar
2/17/2021 Ask BIRT: AILA's Business Immigration Response Team Addresses Members' Most Pressing Questions (February 2021) Video Roundtable
2/17/2021 Federal Court Litigation Section Call (February 2021) Conference Call
2/18/2021 Accidental Adjustments: What to Do About Wrongly-Issued Residencies Web Seminar
2/19/2021 The Promise and the Challenges of an End to the MPP/Remain in Mexico Program Video Roundtable
2/23/2021 Special Purpose โ€œB in Lieu ofโ€ Visas Web Seminar
3/2/2021 Creative Evidentiary Solutions for Asylum Cases Web Seminar
3/2/2021 2021 AILA Midwinter Virtual Conference Virtual Conference
3/4/2021 Business Necessity Justifications in PERM Audits Web Seminar
3/9/2021 Remote Employment and COVID: Effect on Nonimmigrant Visa Classifications Web Seminar
3/15/2021 Law Firms and the Scourge of Ransomware: How to Prevent, Detect, Respond, and Recover Web Seminar
3/16/2021 Pending Lawsuits: Where Are We Now? Keeping Up with BIG Litigation Web Seminar
3/18/2021 180 Days and Counting: Adjustment of Status and Permanent AC21 Portability Web Seminar
3/25/2021 Visa Bulletin and High-Volume Post Update Web Seminar
4/15/2021 2021 AILA Spring CLE Virtual Conference Virtual Conference