Upcoming Live Events

Date Title Location
7/24/2019 Sippin' Tea with NMD (July 2019) Video Conference
7/25/2019 Buttoning Up: A Compliance Check-In Web Seminar
7/29/2019 Fearless Lawyering Video Roundtables: A Conversation with Former Immigration Judges Video Conference
7/30/2019 The Notorious I-864: No Longer a Shield Against “Public Charge” Audio Seminar
8/1/2019 Cocktail Reception for the 2019 ACES Conference Soho House, Luckman Room, Hollywood, California, USA
8/2/2019 2019 AILA Athletics, Culture, Entertainment, and Science (ACES) Conference Loews Hollywood Hotel, Hollywood, California, USA
8/6/2019 The Journey from an E-2 Visa to an EB-5 Green Card: A Fast Track Web Seminar
8/14/2019 Lunch and Learn: Sabbaticals and Retreats for Getting Away from Your Office Video Conference
8/15/2019 Update on Employment-Based Adjustment of Status Interviews Web Seminar
8/22/2019 H-1B RFEs in 2019 and Strategies for Responding: What’s Trending? Web Seminar
8/27/2019 Case Denied! Now What? Strategies and Remedies After an NIV Petition Denial Web Seminar
8/28/2019 Lunch and Learn: Are You Lawyering or Laboring? Video Conference
9/5/2019 Travel Ban: On-the-Ground Updates on the Waiver Process Audio Seminar
9/11/2019 Lunch and Learn: Automation for Law Practices that Save Buckets of Time and Money Video Conference
9/12/2019 Maintaining Work Authorization in a World with Visa Retrogression Web Seminar
9/13/2019 2019 AILA Fall CLE Conference: Worksite Compliance and Enforcement St. Regis Deer Valley Hotel, Park City, Utah, USA
9/13/2019 2019 AILA Fall CLE Conference: AILA/Justice Campaign Removal Skills St. Regis Deer Valley Hotel, Park City, Utah, USA
9/19/2019 Don’t Let Your I-601A Backfire: Dealing with Multiple Unlawful Entries Audio Seminar
9/24/2019 “But I Am Not a Litigator!” How to Represent Clients in Federal Court Audio Seminar
9/25/2019 Lunch and Learn: The Art of Referrals Video Conference
9/25/2019 AILA Practice Accelerator: Being in Practice as a Female Partner Video Conference
11/13/2019 AILA Practice Accelerator: Designing Your Interview Process to Hire the Right Candidate Video Conference
12/11/2019 AILA Practice Accelerator: Marketing and Managing your Reputation Online Video Conference