Global Migration and Legal Ethics

Global Migration and Legal Ethics

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Global Migration and Legal Ethics: Unauthorized Practice of Law and Foreign Corrupt Practice Act Issues

This podcast and article broaches an emerging issue intertwining global migration with legal ethics. Our panelists discuss the management of foreign advisors for help with outbound visa assistance and the U.S. states' ethics rules on the unauthorized practice of law and the ethics rules of the Foreign Corrupt Practice Act. The discussion focuses on Model Rule 5.5 which requires that U.S. lawyers not practice in violation of other jurisdictions' regulation of the practice of law, and the ethical challenges associated with complying with the FCPA.

Faculty for this podcast include Audrey Lustgarten (Atlanta, GA) and 2013-2014 AILA National Ethics Committee members, Maria Celebi (Istanbul, Turkey) and Melissa Chavin (London, England).

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