The Special Immigrant Visa Program for Iraqis and Afghans

The Special Immigrant Visa Program for Iraqis and Afghans

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Release Date6/30/14
Length8 pages
When the United States pulled out of Iraq, it left behind many Iraqis who had helped U.S. forces. The same thing is happening in Afghanistan—and those who helped U.S. forces are now at peril of their lives. Special immigrant visas (SIVs) are available for such Iraqis and Afghans, but nearly impossible to get. In this issue of Inside Immigration, Dan Berger and others describe how some immigrants have overcome obstacle after obstacle to land safely in the United States.

In “Left Behind: Iraqis and Afghans Caught in a Sea of SIV Red Tape,” the authors cover:

  • The SIV Program on Paper: How It Should Work
  • Current Alternatives to the SIV Program
  • Challenges to Actually Getting an SIV
  • New Deadlines and Potential Reforms: Congress Gets Involved

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Dan Berger is a partner at Curran & Berger LLP in Northampton, MA. He’d like to thank Jennie Riley for her help with the article. Margaret D. Stock, a retired Army Reserve lieutenant colonel and author of Immigration Law & the Military, practices immigration law at Cascadia Cross Border Law in Alaska. Rose Olson is an attorney in West Point, NY. Mollie McGurk and Hannah Oldenburg are immigration specialists at Curran & Berger.

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