Forms & Fundamentals, 2012-13 Ed. (eBook)

Forms & Fundamentals, 2012-13 Ed. (eBook)

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NOTE: Forms & Fundamentals is one of the handbooks for AILA's 2012 Annual Conference in Nashville. An electronic version to be provided to all conference attendees.

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Forms & Fundamentals is the "formsbook" for new immigration practitioners who desire a step-by-step guide to completing some of the most common immigration forms. Immigration forms aren't always as straightforward as they seem, so Forms & Fundamentals offers practice pointers and checklists, along with the sample forms, so the reader can gain a better understanding of what needs to be considered when completing each form.

"Forms & Fundamentals focuses on the key forms required in the everyday practice of a general immigration law office. The book is intended to serve as a daily reference tool for all practitioners who seek assistance and expertise in both the general context of operating a successful immigration practice, as well as in filling out these most important forms."

Irene Scharf

Forms & Fundamentals includes Key Definitions and Concepts and offers guidance on:

  • Agencies that Affect Immigration Law
  • Ethical Issues
  • Initial Interviews
  • Filing Procedures

It includes tips and checklists on the following immigration forms:

  • AR-11
  • I-90
  • I-102
  • I-129 and related
    supplemental forms
  • I-129F
  • I-130
  • I-131
  • I-134
  • I-140
  • I-192
  • I-290B
  • I-360
  • I-485
  • I-539
  • I-589
  • I-601
  • I-693
  • I-751
  • I-765
  • I-864
  • I-865
  • I-881
  • I-907
  • I-912
  • I-918 and Supplement A
  • DS-156
  • DS-156E
  • DC-160
  • DS-230
  • DS-260
  • EOIR-26
  • EOIR-28
  • EOIR-29
  • EOIR-33
  • EOIR-42A
  • ETA-9035
  • ETA-9089
  • ETA-9141
  • G-325
  • G-639
  • N-400

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ISBN: 978-1-57370-329-X (.PDF)
June 2012

ISBN: 978-1-57370-332-X (ePub)
June 2012

ISBN: 978-1-57370-330-3 (.mobi)
June 2012

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LINDSAY CHICHESTER is an assistant general counsel for Walmart in the employment division. In her role, she supports Walmart on global employment and immigration matters. Prior to joining Walmart, Ms. Chichester was an attorney with Dinsmore & Shohl in Cincinnati, where she counseled domestic and international clients on immigration and employment issues. Ms. Chichester also served as an adjunct professor at the University of Dayton School of Law. Additionally, she served as a trial attorney with the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ), representing the government in appellate litigation of immigration matters. Ms. Chichester joined the DOJ through the Attorney General Honors Program, and served as attorney advisor to the chief immigration judge. She received her B.A., summa cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa, from Miami University and her J.D., cum laude, from Tulane University School of Law. She is admitted to practice in Ohio and Maryland, as well as before the Southern District of Ohio, and the U.S. Courts of Appeals for the First, Second, Fourth, Eighth, and Ninth Circuits.

DANIELLE M. RIZZO received a B.A. from Houghton College and a J.D. from the State University of Buffalo. Ms. Rizzo limits her practice primarily to employment– and family-based immigration options. She has authored several articles on immigration issues published in such publications as Bender's Immigration Bulletin, several AILA publications, and AILA's Immigration Law Today. In addition, she has been featured as a speaker at AILA conferences and has been a frequent speaker at local colleges and universities about student and faculty visa issues. She currently serves as vice chair of the Upstate New York Chapter of AILA and is a member of the AILA Board of Publications.

IRENE SCHARF, Professor of Law, Director of Clinical Programs and Experiential Learning at the University of Massachusetts School of Law–Dartmouth, serves as director of the law school's immigration law clinic, which she founded in 2002. In her lengthy career, she has practiced immigration law and engaged in significant scholarship in both immigration and tort law. Perhaps her most influential scholarly work was her first, "What Process is Due? Unaccompanied Minors' Rights to Deportation Hearings," 1988 DUKE L.J. 114 (1988) (co-author). Professor Scharf has taught at the State University of New York, the University of Puget Sound School of Law (now Seattle University), Boston University Law School, Northeastern University Law School, and the Institute on International and Comparative Law of the University of San Diego Law School. She is a member of the Massachusetts and New York bars, and is an active blogger encouraging the use of "Best Practices" in legal education.

KELLI J. STUMP is a senior associate at Stump & Associates in Oklahoma City. She serves on the AILA ICE Liaison Committee, AILA Membership Committee, and is secretary of the AILA Texas Chapter.

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