L Visas (Transfer of Foreign Emp to US) 50 pk

L Visas (Transfer of Foreign Emp to US) 50 pk

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AILA’s Client Brochures Can Help Your Clients Understand Visa Categories and Requirements

Written in layman’s terms, AILA’s Client Brochures are designed to help you help your clients. These informative and easy-to- understand brochures provide a basic overview of various visa categories—including a description of the process and eligibility requirements—giving your client a clear understanding of the visas available to him or her. Enhance your image and help create a sense of goodwill and confidence among current and potential clients. Include a brochure with your follow-up letter; distribute them after your initial consultation; or display them in your reception area. Personalize your brochures by attaching your business card.

AILA’s Client Brochures (50 brochures per pack)

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