Be On the Lookout: Pitfalls of Immigration Benefits Applications-CD

Be On the Lookout: Pitfalls of Immigration Benefits Applications-CD

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Be on the Lookout: Pitfalls in Immigration Benefits Applications

This web seminar was originally presented October 12, 2010.

Backgrounds checks, beyond the biometrics, are being conducted by USCIS officers, with results that may often surprise attorneys and noncitizens alike. This session will identify key issues that attorneys should consider when discussing possible applications for immigration benefits with potential clients.

  • False Claims to U.S. Citizenship on/after 9/30/96: Do I-9 Forms, Driver's Licenses, Mortgage Applications, Accidental Motor Voter Registrations, School Applications, and Professional License Applications Count?
  • Reviewing and Advising Regarding Tax Returns: Who are Those People, How Are They Related to You, and Who Told You to Claim Them?
  • Properties Owned by Relatives with the Same Name as Applicants for Benefits (Good Faith Marriage, Mortgage Issues)
  • Bank Accounts and Credit Cards by Noncitizens Without Status
  • Admission to Identity Theft as a Crime Involving Moral Turpitude
  • "Googling" Petitioners and Beneficiaries
  • Private Investigation Services
  • Adam Walsh Act and Petitioners

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Nancy A. Peterson, St Paul, MN

Nancy A. Peterson has been practicing immigration law for the past eighteen years. She represents person in removal defense cases, family-based immigration, naturalization, petitions under the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), asylum and federal appeals. Ms. Peterson has presented at several immigration law seminars. She is involved as a mentor attorney at Minnesota Advocates for Human Rights and was honored to be a Volunteer of the Year in 2005. She also advises immigrants through the Minnesota Aids Project.

Nancy Taylor Shivers, San Antonio, TX

Nancy Taylor Shivers is a partner in Shivers & Shivers, San Antonio, Texas. She is certified in the field of immigration and nationality law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. She has served on the AILA Board of Governors, as chair of the Texas Chapter of AILA, and on AILA liaison and policy committees.

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