2013 AILA PERM Conference-Downloadable Recording

2013 AILA PERM Conference-Downloadable Recording

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2013 AILA PERM Conference
PERM from Basics to Advanced Topics: Latest Trends and Tips

This downloadable product contains all the sessions recorded at the AILA PERM Conference in August 2013. These recordings are not eligible for CLE credit. To obtain CLE Credit please purchase the 2013 AILA PERM Conference CLE Bundle.

This conference was recorded on August 19, 2013 in Chicago, IL. View the complete conference program.

Since the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) last amended the PERM regulations in 2007 there have been significant and substantive changes in how DOL adjudicates PERM applications. DOL's standards of what documentation and types of recruitment are acceptable have become more restrictive, audits routinely request attestations relating to payment of labor certification costs, and DOL has begun questioning whether certain alternative requirements are substantially equivalent, among other issues. Prevailing wage determinations have also become more challenging, both in terms of how the request must be drafted and in what occupational category and level DOL may assign to the prevailing wage request. This one-day conference will take a holistic view of the PERM process, starting from the fundamentals of how to create a viable job description, to planning a successful recruitment program, to discussions of the newest adjudication trends and how to respond to them.

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