Immigration and Nationality Act, 2012 Ed.

Immigration and Nationality Act, 2012 Ed.

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• New edition coming March/April 2013.
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The Immigration and Nationality Act is the most important source of law to immigration policy and procedure. AILA’s Immigration and Nationality Act, 2012 Edition includes all new provisions passed in 2011.

AILA's INA also includes the immigration-related statutes that appear in Title 8 of the U.S. Code but are not part of the Immigration & Nationality Act, making this publication even more valuable.

With an easy-to-follow layout, compact size and low price, AILA’s Immigration and Nationality Actis the reference book of choice for many practitioners.

This book is also available at a discount when bought in combination with Immigration Regulations (CFR) 2012 - save when you buy the two together.

ISBN: 978-1-57370-324-6
March 2012
536 pages
Stock code: 53-24

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